Diabo moderno

Desse eles tem medo.

Colaboração do MIKA.

UPDATE: o Bruno_PB lá do fórum do Pedal foi o descobridor das fotos. As fotos originais, tiradas por Tim de Waele, estão aqui.





Fonte: Pedal


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  1. Fritz disse:

    Wow! who shot these photos?

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  3. Ron Brand disse:

    I’m starting to get the feeling that Lance isn’t such a nice guy after all.

  4. fuckgas disse:

    i love the smiling faces in the background

  5. […] this week the Yellow Devil was protesting while Lance was riding by him. Lance reached out and pushed the Yellow Devil into a roadside snow […]

  6. […] The Yellow Devil harasses Lance Armstrong with a huge fake syringe and “Live Clean” jersey; Lance Armstrong pushes the Devil into the snow. […]

  7. mikaobao disse:

    Isso mesmo Zaka, foi lá do forum do pedal.com.br que eu encontrei as fotos!


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  9. Anderson disse:

    Boas as fotos.
    E o Mr. Armstrong nao gostou nada nada, hehehe.

  10. gregg disse:

    Go Lance!
    The most tested athelete of all time!

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  12. GenghisKhan disse:

    Hey, I’m guessing that it’d take a saint to not push said yellow devil into the snow while hovering so close to you when you’re just trying to do your job–go Lance!

  13. Jorge Alberto disse:

    Não seria algum destaque de escola de samba do grupo Z? 🙂

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  15. garyd disse:

    Lance put that fat f*cking idiot right on his ass, right where he belongs!!

  16. harusuke disse:

    Lance,Thank you very much!

  17. […] But don’t worry Armstrong lovers.  Your boy Lance was able to get another bike and showed syringe guy whose boss.  Just one question: What is that snow bank doing there (on the side of a bike race in California)? […]

  18. Shai disse:

    Very nice photo!!
    The devil absolutely deserve at!

    Or, Ho my gad. Lance is human ((:

    Love it, mostly the face of the devil after lance..

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  21. Carlos Alberto Junior disse:


    fantastic 🙂 🙂

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  23. Louisa disse:

    He took him down with one are while still keeping in line – what a rock star!

  24. gwadzilla disse:





    sorry… sometimes the folks in the states try to speak louder when people do not speak the same language

    great images
    thanks for sharing
    (bike blog from washington dc)

  25. El Diablo disse:

    All I have to say is this, One- Lance has been tested 20 plus times in the last three weeks, check out Lance
    s Twitter blog. Secondly, If I had a good cause and someone was wearing the banner colors out of spite, I would put him on his ass too. Go Lance!!!

  26. john disse:

    Whether you agree with the point this guy was trying to make or not, if he is close enough for a rider to reach out and touch (and Armstrong couldn’t have pushed him like that if he’d had to fully extend his arm to reach him), he is much too close. He could have taken a lot of riders down very easily.

    I’m not a huge fan of Armstrong, but whatever this guy in the costume was doing, it was all about himself. If he had a life, he wouldn’t have found himself tossed into a pile of plowed snow on the roadside.

  27. Shawn disse:

    Awesome! That lard ass deserved to be knocked over. Lance rules!

  28. Matt disse:

    Did u see this?

  29. !phil disse:

    you are fighting for your life in the peloton to protect your reputation as one of the top cyclists in the world, and some nimrod is in your way

    what would you do?

  30. Dr. D disse:

    The dumbass was in the way. Doesn’t matter what he was holding, too many racers go down in those tight climbs, including Lance wen he got caught up in someone’s bag on a climb in the TdF. If they could they would always push those guys out of the way.

  31. Kris disse:

    Nice shots, the photographers are ever so alert.

  32. yellodevil disse:

    well…im not THAT fat. Not like Rosie or nuttin’ and I didnt go there to “attack” anyone. I just got into his large cranium too easy, thats all.


  33. Fish disse:

    I’d like to see more of this. The bike riders should earn points for shoving stupid people out of the way. They could even award a jersey for the person with the most points. This guy could have taken a lot of people out of the race if he’d caused a crash. I just see the doctor full of racers with broken collar bones because of his stupid stunt.

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  36. Very nice post, thanks man!